Sales & Delivery Conditions

Sternberg VVS & Gasteknik has secured its customers as follows:

As a member of TEKNIQ, we give our customers reassuring security and guarantee for the work we perform. TEKNIQ has established the Danish plumbing warranty, which is a guarantee scheme for plumbing workers. The purpose of the guarantee scheme is to ensure that a private consumer who is successful in a case before the Appeals Board for Technical Installations will have the ruling fulfilled if the installer cannot or will not comply with a verdict. The purpose of the Board of Appeal is to contribute to an easy, fast, and cheap solution that disputes between private customers and plumbing installers.
The guarantee scheme only applies to work performed by members of Danish plumbing. Therefore, for safety reasons, look for the Danish plumbing warranty label or ask the installer.

Covers expenses up to DKK 150,000.

The guarantee scheme covers expenses up to and including DKK 150,000.00 incl. VAT.


Who can complain?

Private consumers can complain about plumbing work and deliveries that have not been ordered for commercial purposes.


What can you complain about?

A complaint can only be brought before the Board of Appeal if the complaint has already been submitted to the plumber in vain. You can complain about almost everything, but not the plumber’s internal business principles such as hourly and material prices.

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General warranty standards


Geothermal heating, air to water & air to air heat pumps:

A 2-year guarantee is provided, but if a statutory service agreement is signed, the warranty is automatically extended 5 years.


Solar cells:

  1. There is a 5 year 100% guarantee on Inverters (insurance can be taken out for a prolonged guarantee) as well as installations – i.e. if your roof becomes leaky, etc.
  2. ​A 10-year Bosch factory warranty is provided on the solar cells.
  3. A 10-year 90% Bosch factory performance guarantee is provided
  4. ​A 25-year 80% Bosch factory performance guarantee is provided​


See Robert Bosch Warranty Terms

In addition to the above, Sternberg VVS & Gasteknik A/S has received the award for strong creditworthiness, which only 3% of Denmark’s companies can boast of. So, in addition to trading with a 40-year-old company – you also get one of the most economically strong companies in Denmark – this is important in a time of many bankruptcies in the plumbing and solar cell industry, where customers lose large amounts of money and get worse and not up-to-date installations.

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