Solar Cells

Are you considering installing solar cells in your detached house in the Greater Copenhagen area?

Then Sternberg VVS & Gasteknik A/S can help you with a durable, functional, and financially profitable solution.

How Solar Cells Work:

  • Solar cells produce electricity from sunlight. But since it is the light itself and not the sun’s rays that activate the solar cells, electricity is also produced when it is cloudy.
  • A plant can have a turnover of up to approx. 20 percent of light energy for electricity
  • The system consists of panels connected to an inverter. The inverter converts the produced current from direct current to alternating current, which can be used in the property.
  • The solar panels themselves are typically placed on the roof, but can also be placed on the ground.
  • On days when the plant produces more electricity than you use, the excess production is stored on the electricity grid for later use.

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Solar cells are still a good investment for private individuals

The solar cells have a long life – typically approx. 50 years, and 25 years of performance guarantee.

The investment in the plant pays off, as there is money to be saved on the electricity, and as the plant is in most cases earned back home within 8 to 9 years.

In addition, it is an environmentally friendly solution that does not emit CO2.

We are happy to come out and look at your property so we can talk about the possibilities. We have extensive experience in alternative energy and can offer professional advice in all respects.

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We install solar cells throughout the Greater Copenhagen area.

Solar cells for business, agriculture and public customers

We have extensive experience in solar cells for major public customers, private and agriculture.

We know the rules and the needs that characterize this customer group, and think it is exciting to “knit” a profitable and ethically beautiful solution together – whether it is 100 Kwh or 1. mill kwh that is the need, you will always get a first class solution from us.


This together with Sternberg VVS og Gasteknik A/S has been appointed to the:

  • Gaszelle company of the year 2010
  • Plumbing of the year 2017
  • 40 years of history and know-how
  • Just received the award as a reliable financial partner, which only 3% of the Danish business community can boast of and the highest AAA credit rating

You can, therefore, be 100% confident by choosing us as your future solar cell partner.

See you throughout the capital area. Contact us on 47 17 92 28 or send a message in the contact form. We are happy to provide a free and non-binding offer on the delivery and installation of solar cells for both private and business use.

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