Professional plumbing service of your existing plumbing installations

At Sternberg VVS- & Gasteknik, we service plumbing installations, water installations and downpipes.

Many people do not consider it, but your plumbing installations, like everything else in your home, also need renewal and to be checked at regular intervals.

If you often experience problems with the water or heat in your home, it may be because your plumbing installations need a service check and service inspection. It can often be challenging to know the condition of your plumbing installations, so it may be a good idea to ally with a plumber.

With ongoing maintenance and regular plumbing service, you ensure that your plumbing installations live a long time and function as they should. You also prevent damage that can affect your home and cost you dearly in the end. It is never fun to be without water or heat at home.

You can also help maintain and take care of your heating, water, and sanitary installations by regularly cleaning and thinking about what you put in the drain, as it can easily clog.

At Sternberg, you can expect top-quality and high service in our plumbing service and plumbing work. We are some of the most skilled, authorized plumbing installers with several years of experience, which is why today, we have more than 10,000 regular service customers. ​

Get an offer on plumbing service

At Sternberg VVS & Gasteknik we carry out e.g., plumbing service on the following plumbing installations:

  • Pipework
  • Sanitation and bathrooms
  • Gas installations
  • Heat pump systems
  • Geothermal heating
  • Solar cells

At Sternberg, we specialize in alternative energy and energy optimization. We guide and, therefore, also perform service on heat pumps, geothermal heating, and solar cells.

Are you interested in hearing more about your options for plumbing services and maintenance of your plumbing installations, or do you need an expert to advise you on water, heating or sanitation, then we are ready to help you.

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When was the last time you had your plumbing installations checked?

At Sternberg VVS- & Gasteknik, we are happy to come out and inspect your plumbing installations. We will check if everything looks as it should and if there are any problems. We are experienced, and well-trained plumbers and therefore know what problems are typical of plumbing installations in the home.

When problems occur with water, heating, or sanitary installations, it is often because the pipes are rusted or because the plumbing installations are not installed correctly. Using an authorized plumber can help you avoid these problems.

At Sternberg VVS- & Gasteknik, we know what it takes to optimize your plumbing installations. We guide and advise you on the best solution with our always latest knowledge and competencies in the field. Among other things, we can guide you on how to achieve greater water savings as well as save money on your heating bill.

NOTE! At Sternberg, we do NOT carry out the statutory plumbing inspection that is mandatory when selling a home. However, we are happy to come out and carry out the plumbing work that may need to be carried out.

With a fixed plumbing service agreement, you also avoid having to remember when your plumbing installations need an overhaul. We make sure to keep track of that for you.

What plumbing work can you do yourself at home?

Within i.a. electrical and plumbing work, there are specific requirements about which work you must do in the home and which work must be performed by a skilled craftsman with authorization.

This is to ensure that the work is carried out correctly and you avoid damage to your home, but also for your safety, as some work can be dangerous to perform if you are not a professional and trained in the field. What comes out of the pipes in your installations is water that you may need to drink, and therefore it is essential for health reasons that the plumbing installations are in order.

When it comes to plumbing work, you generally have to replace and install things yourself if it does not require new plumbing installations. You must not make new plumbing installations yourself, and you must not lay pipes or do drainage work yourself or connect floor drains.

Also, do not do any work on gas installations. Here you need an authorized gas master.

However, there is a lot of plumbing work that you are welcome to do yourself if you can. Things like connecting a faucet or installing a new shower, connecting a washing machine, or installing a new kitchen sink are things that you are welcome to do at home yourself. Remember to test whether things work as they should before using them to avoid damage.

However, it requires that you can completely shut off the water. If you do not have the option to do this, then you need to get a plumber. If you do not turn off the water completely, you risk water damage in your home, and the insurance does not cover it if you have messed with plumbing installations, where there should have been an authorized plumber.

If you are in doubt about which plumbing work you may carry out at home, read more on the Danish Safety Technology Authority’s website.

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