Plumbing Installer

Plumbing installer in Greater Copenhagen, North Zealand and the rest of Zealand

At Sternberg VVS- & Gasteknik, you will find skilled, experienced, and authorized plumbers and installers. We perform plumbing work in most housing types both private, industrial, and commercial.

We are ready to advise and perform any plumbing tasks; water, heating, and sanitation. Whether it is a new establishment, maintenance, or renovation.

So whether your faucet is dripping, the toilet is running, or you need a complete renovation of your bathroom, our professional plumbers are ready to solve the task.

We perform plumbing work, plumbing installations, and plumbing service in most of Zealand, including Greater Copenhagen, Roskilde, Hillerød, etc.

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Our plumbing solutions cover i.a. the following plumbing tasks:​​

  • Plumbing installation and installation of plumbing systems
  • Repair, maintenance and service work of current plumbing installations
  • Sanitation and bathrooms
  • Plumbing tasks in energy and heat, including gas, heat pump systems, geothermal heating, and solar cells

Do you want advice on plumbing your work from an authorized plumber or get a non-binding offer on plumbing work?

Then you can call 47 17 92 28 or contact us through the contact formula below.

Use an authorized plumber

If problems occur with your water, heating, or sanitary installations, it is often because these are not installed correctly. When using an experienced and authorized plumber for your plumbing work, you can avoid these problems.

At Sternberg VVS- & Gasteknik, we focus on always providing a professional service and high-quality off the plumbing work we perform. We are, therefore, also a member of the installers’ organization TEKNIQ, which ensures that a proper warranty scheme covers private customers should it against all expectations become necessary.

Remember your plumbing inspection

If you often experience problems with water or heat in your home, then it may be that your plumbing installations needs a service inspection. At Sternberg, we have experienced and well-trained plumbers, and thus we know what problems are typical of plumbing installations and how to solve them.

At Sternberg, we will gladly come out and inspect your plumbing installations. We can also offer ongoing service and inspection of your plumbing installations via a fixed service agreement. Read more about our plumbing service agreements here.

Are you facing a bathroom renovation?

If you need a new bathroom or have completely renovated either all or parts of your current bathroom, we at Sternberg VVS- & Gasteknik will gladly take responsibility for the entire renovation contract, so you do not have to lift a finger or worry about the renovation process.

At Sternberg, we recommend that you have your renovation project carried out as the main contract. That is, you give the responsibility for the renovation and construction to one master craftsman. When renovating a bathroom, it may make sense to choose a plumbing company and an authorized plumber.

The fact that Sternberg is responsible for the entire contract for your renovation project means that you have security in getting your new bathroom ready at the agreed time and at the agreed price. We take great pride in keeping you informed throughout our work, so you always know where we are in the construction process.

The bathroom is, measured per. Sqm, the most expensive room in your home and renovation or modernization of the bathroom can, therefore, also be an expensive investment. It is, therefore, a good idea to bring a professional on board even before the project starts, so you get it done right from the beginning and get the most out of the investment and your new bathroom.

Bathrooms are one of the most expensive rooms in a home since the bathroom must be able to cope with the daily influences of heat, water, and moisture. It is therefore also important that the work is carried out correctly and properly so that you avoid damaging your new bathroom.

To begin with, it is a good idea to plan what the bathroom should look like and what features it should have. At Sternberg VVS- & Gasteknik, we know the market and the products, and we can guide you in choosing your new bathroom, so that you, among other things, get to choose the right mixer tap, the best shower and the tiles that best suit your new bathroom.

Get an offer on a new bathroom or other construction project

Feel free to contact us for a non-binding talk and an offer on your next construction project. Call 47 17 92 28 or fill out the contact formula at the bottom of the page.

We thoroughly understand the task and your needs, and we always find the best solution in close collaboration with you as a customer, so we can provide an offer on the project that we can vouch for 100%.

You can always count on competitive prices and that we comply with agreed terms and delivery agreements. We always follow up on the work should any need to arise.

Did you know that Sternberg also has its very own Electrical department?

Our electrical department consists of skilled and authorized electricians who can solve any task within electricity and lighting installations. We have chosen to create an electrical department for our company to offer our customers complete technical solutions in their homes.

At Sternberg VVS- & Gasteknik, we can therefore also advise you on the choice of lighting installations at home and your new bathroom, as well as carry out the necessary electrical installations.

It is essential to keep in mind that there are special rules for electrical work in bathrooms. Depending on where the sockets or outputs are located, special tightness requirements apply. When performing electrical installations in wet room areas, you should, therefore, contact an authorized electrician.

Get an offer on plumbing and electrical work

Read more about our electrical department and electrical work here and feel free to contact us for more information or a non-binding offer on electrical work.

If you want to hear more about purchase, installation and service, or if you want a free and non-binding offer from one of our customer advisors, you can contact us on 47 17 92 28 or by sending us a message through the contact formula below

    We perform plumbing services, plumbing installations, gas boiler installations, gas boiler services, air to water heat pump installations, and heat pump services in the following areas: