Personal Data Policy, GDPR and Cookies

On May 25, 2018, the new EU Data Protection Regulation became effective. The latest data protection regulation sets requirements for’s handling of personal data.

Privacy Policy

  1. Generally

1.1. The personal data policy in this section describes how STERNBERG VVS & GASTEKNIK A/S, CVR number 13608687 collects and processes users’ personal information.

1.2. is the data controller, and you can always contact’s data controller, who is currently Kim Busch, regarding questions about the processing of your data at either busch@ or telephone 47179228.

1.3. By accepting the personal data policy, you agree that processes your personal information following the description in this section.

  1. What personal information is collected and what is the data used for

2.1 When ordering a subscription or other form of ongoing agreements, the subscriber’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail, if any. job title and age registered in’s systems.

When ordering materials, news mail, etc. name, e-mail, and telephone number are registered in’ ‘s systems.

The information entered when ordering is used exclusively for processing the ordered and is subsequently stored to be able to find back to the order/orderer.

The legal basis for the processing of the information you have provided when ordering is Article 6 (1) of the EU Data Protection Regulation. 1, letters b, c, and f.

2.2 uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that many websites use to be able to recognize your computer from time to time you visit the site. A cookie is a passive file and cannot spread viruses or other malicious programs. The cookies used do not identify the individual user, but rather the user’s computer.

How uses cookies depends on the pages you visit on the website. When you visit parts of the website whose purpose is sales and customer care, uses cookies to improve your experience on the site, assess the use of the individual elements on the website, and to improve the marketing of our products and services. See further information under point 7 “Cookie policy.”

2.3. When you use, your actions on the pages are registered in a log. The log stores data about all activities you carry out on the website. What information is logged depends on the pages you visit on the site. logs on all the pages you visit on the website:

  • which IP address you use
  • which user ID you have been logged in with/li>
  • which pages you have visited uses the information in the log to document what you have done, improve user-friendliness, target marketing, and as a documentation basis for resolving any discrepancies.

The legal basis for the processing of information when you visit the website is Article 6 (1) of the EU Data Protection Regulation. 1, letters b, c, and f.

  1. Recipients of personal information

3.1. does not sell the personal information you have entered when ordering the subscription to third parties.

3.2. does not pass on the registered personal information to third parties unless expressly stated in these conditions.

3.3. To manage and improve a subscription, personal information will be passed on to external partners. The external partners used include payment intermediaries, a web hosting provider, a news mail provider, a provider of an evaluation system, and a provider of a CRM system. For telephone inquiries, a telephone provider will also be used.

3.4. In addition, uses external partners to, among other things, improve the website and targeted marketing, including retargeting. See further information in section 7 “Cookie policy.”

  1. Deletion of personal information

4.1. The data is stored for five years from the end of the financial year to which the material relates.

  1. Security

5.1. maintains appropriate technical and organizational security measures against the personal information being accidentally or illegally destroyed, lost or degraded and against it coming to the knowledge or misuse of unauthorized persons.

5.2. Only employees who have a real need to access your personal information to perform their work have access to it.

5.3. The information is not stored encrypted but transmitted encrypted.

  1. Your rights

6.1. As registered, the subscriber always has the opportunity for insight and to be able to object to a registration in accordance with the rules in the Data Protection Regulation.

6.2. The Data Protection Regulation gives you, as a registered person, the following rights:

6.2.1. The right to access your own personal information

You are at all times entitled to receive information about how your data is processed, including e.g., what information is registered about you, what purpose the registration serves, the category of personal information, recipients of personal information, etc. If you want insight into the processing of your personal data, you must send a written request to the data controller at You may be asked to document that you are who you pretend to be.

6.2.2. The right to rectification

You have the right to have incorrect personal information about yourself corrected. If you become aware that there is an error in the information that is registered about you, may have made it possible for you to adjust the information you have entered directly in the system. If it is not possible to change the data directly in the order, you are encouraged to contact so that the information can be corrected.

6.2.3. The right to delete

In some instances, you have the right to have all or some of your personal information deleted by To the extent that continued processing of your data is necessary, e.g., due to compliance with legal obligations, or for a legal claim to be determined, asserted or defended, is not obliged to delete your personal information.

6.2.4. The right to restrict treatment

In certain cases, you have the right to have the processing of your personal data limited to storage only, e.g., if you believe that the information being processed about you is incorrect.

6.2.5. The right to data portability (provision of data in a commonly used format)

In some instances, you have the right to have personal information that you have provided in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format and transferred to another data controller.

6.2.6. The right to object

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data at any time.

You can make use of your rights, including objecting to the processing, by contacting the data controller at After your inquiry, we will check whether the conditions for your inquiry have been met and then implement the desired changes or deletion as soon as possible.
6.3. You can complain about the processing of your personal data to:

The Data Protection Agency, Borgergade 28,5
1300 København K
Tlf.: 33 19 32 00
Fax: 33 19 32 18

  1. Cookies

7.1. Cookies are used to improve your experience on our website, assess the use of the individual elements on the site, and to enhance the marketing of our products and services. How uses cookies depends on the pages you visit on the website.

7.2. Technical cookies

7.2.1. Technical cookies are used on the website to make the website work. The cookies used for technical reasons are necessary for the website to function, and you can, therefore, not use the site if you choose to reject the use of technical cookies.

7.2.2. Technical cookies collect the use of the site across all our users, and no individuals can be identified. Technical cookies are used on all the pages you visit on the website

7.3. Statistics cookies and marketing cookies

7.3.1. The website lets the web analytics tools Google Analytics detect cookies on your computer for tracking. The tracking is used for analytics that can optimize the design, usability, and efficiency of the website.

7.3.2. The website also allows the advertising tools Google Analytics, LinkedIn, and Facebook to register cookies so that they can track what your computer does on the site. The tracking is done to offer you relevant advertisements about our products and services on their media and on 3rd party networks, where they have an agreement to display advertisements. The tracking does not allow to identify your name, contact information, or other personal details.

7.3.3. The tracking is saved indefinitely and is not automatically deleted when you click away from the website.

7.3.4. The statistics mentioned above cookies and marketing cookies are only used on the parts of the site you visit whose purpose is sales and customer care.

7.4. Rejection of cookies

7.4.1. If you do not want to track of your computer, you must configure your browser to reject cookies from 3rd party websites. Where you find the settings depends on which browser you are using. See guide


7.5. Warranties for transferring information to the United States

7.5.1. Google Analytics, LinkedIn, Facebook are established in the United States. The necessary guarantees for the transfer of information to the United States are secured through the certification of the data processor under the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, following Article 45 of the EU Data Protection Regulation.

8.0. Applicable law and venue

8.1. Trade and agreement between the Subscriber and are, in all respects, subject to Danish law.

8.2. Any dispute that may arise in connection with the parties’ trade and the agreement must be resolved at the City Court in Hillerød.