Installation Inspection
and Electrical Check

Get a professional electrical check of your home

It can be difficult to find an overview of the many types of installations that are in your home, and it can be even more difficult to know how the condition is on the installations in your home if you are not a professional in the electrical field.

Through an electrical check and installation inspection of your installations in the home, we look at whether the products/installations that you have, firstly work as they should, but also whether they are dangerous and whether there are any problems.

We thoroughly review your electrical installations and make sure they are legal and safe. Among other things, we look your electrical panel through and disassemble a few specific things to be able to get a more visual control of your electrical installations.

By getting an electrical check from Sternberg’s authorized electricians, you can be sure of thoroughness and quality, and you can, therefore, after our visit feel safe and secure that your electrical installations work optimally and are safely installed.

At Sternberg, our professionals are well-trained, authorized electricians with several years of experience in installation inspection and execution of electrical work. We know what problems are typical of installations in the home and what laws and regulations apply in the area.

If you want to know more about our installation inspection and the price of an electrical check, you can contact us either via the contact formula at the bottom of the page or by calling us on 47 17 92 28.

Note! At Sternberg, we do NOT carry out the statutory electrical inspection that is mandatory when selling a home. However, we are happy to come out and perform the electrical work that may need to be completed.

When was the last time you had your home’s electrical installations checked?

Few people know about the risk of old, worn, and unfortunately often illegal electrical installations in the home. Many people do not think about it, but your electrical installations, like everything else in your home, also need renewal and should be checked at regular intervals.

At Sternberg, we recommend that our customers have their electrical installations checked regularly.

You can check some things in the home yourself by, for example, making sure that your electrical installations are kept free of dirt and grime and that your electrical installations work as they should and do not have apparent damage. Also, always remember to follow the instructions for use for your electrical products and electronic equipment.

However, many of the typical faults with installations are difficult to find if you are not a professional, as it is often what is not visible that can be dangerous. We, therefore, recommend that you get an electrical check from an authorized electrician.

On the Danish Safety Technology Authority’s website, they warn of the danger of old or unauthorized electrical installations. Faults in electrical installations can both cause shocks and is a fire hazard. According to the Danish Safety Technology Authority, illegal electrical installations are the cause of hundreds of fires every year, and the insurance does not cover if accidents or mishaps occur as a result of an illegal electrical installation.

It can, therefore, be both dangerous and expensive to have illegal installations in your home. If you are facing a renovation of your home, then it may be a good idea to replace the old electrical installations at the same time. In addition to raising the security of the house. New, safe electrical installations also increase the value of your home.

What does an electrical check consist of?

At Sternberg, we do electrical checks and installation inspections in all types of homes, so you can feel confident that your electrical installations are installed correctly and that they work as they should. This may, for example, be in connection with renovation projects, where you want to make sure that all electrical installations are installed correctly.

Many homes today still have illegal electrical installations. It can be in homes of older date, which often have older installations or newly built/newly renovated homes, where the electrical work has not been carried out by an authorized electrician.

An electrical check consists of a review of your home’s electrical installations, where we check whether there are any illegal installations or malfunctions in the electrical installations and whether any improvements need to be made to improve the safety and function of your electrical installations.

In connection with an electrical check and installation inspection, you will receive a price estimate for reparing the errors and deficiencies we may find in connection with the electrical check.

We do NOT carry out the statutory electrical inspection that is mandatory when selling a home. However, we are happy to come out and perform the electrical work that may need to be completed. We perform electrical checks that are not regulated by the same conditions as the electrical inspection.

What electrical work can you do yourself at home?

On the Danish Safety Technology Authority’s website, they advise on what electrical work you, as a private person may perform at home.

You are welcome to connect installations such as the refrigerator and stove if you have a plug, and this can be done without the use of tools. You are also welcome to attach the plug or replace the plug to fit the socket.

You are welcome to mount lamps in existing sockets yourself and pull wires from sockets or from lamp sockets. You are also welcome to replace sockets if there is a socket in advance and change the switch in an existing installation.

ALWAYS REMEMBER to turn off the power, not only by turning off the power switch in the room you work in, but turning off the power entirely in your electrical panel. Read more at

However, the vast majority of work should be done by experts, which is mainly due to the risk that may be involved in working with electricity, but also that you can then be sure that the installations are carried out correctly and with the necessary safety and regulatory reservations.

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