Service of Gas Boiler

Gas service in the HMN area

At Sternberg VVS- & Gasteknik, we provide gas boiler service in the HMN area. If you already have natural gas, we would instead take care of the recommended service on your natural gas boiler.

Over the years, we have specialized in servicing a large number of gas boilers, and we therefore also offer subscriptions to service agreements. That way, you do not have to keep track of when a technician should visit to inspect your gas boiler and gas installation.

We have more than 40 years of experience in the industry and are, therefore, the right plumbing and energy partner for you who want to be assured of quality and safety.

We are authorized gas masters and offer service of gas boilers for both residential and business. Our competent technicians always have the latest knowledge in most boiler types when it comes to gas boiler service.

At Sternberg VVS- & Gasteknik we provide gas boiler service on the following types:

  • Condensing boilers
  • Gas boilers with closed combustion chamber
  • Gas boilers with open combustion chamber
  • Forced draft burners

We perform gas boiler service on most of Zealand – see our area map to see the exact area.

Gas service prices

Get a fixed service agreement on your gas boiler

A 1-year service agreement incl. 1 main inspection and free calls, costs DKK 2,200 incl. VAT. (Recommended for open combustion boilers).

A 2-year service agreement incl. 1 main inspection and free calls cost DKK 2,990 incl. VAT. (Recommended for condensing and older boilers).

Get a non-binding offer for service of your gas boiler by calling 47 17 92 28, or contact us through the contact formula below.



Do you want a major overhaul without signing a firm service agreement?

You can also order a single overhaul of your gas boiler without having a fixed service agreement. The main inspection costs DKK 1,790 incl. VAT.

Call 47 17 92 28 to hear more or to order a technician for the main inspection of your gas boiler. You can also write to us through the contact formula at the bottom of the page.

Save money and sign up for a gas boiler service

– Then you ensure longer life and optimal effect on your heating system

Fill out the form below with your information and choose whether you want a 1-year or 2-year service agreement on your gas boiler.

    Læs betingelser for gas serviceaftaler her

    Benefits of gas boiler service

    Gas boiler service is all about maintaining your gas boiler. In this way, you ensure that your boiler always performs optimally, which helps to keep the heating bill down.

    At Sternberg VVS- & Gasteknik, we offer a subscription scheme, so you do not have to contact us to have a gas boiler service performed.

    With such an arrangement, we keep track of when it’s time for an inspection, and should any problems arise for you between your main inspections; you just have to call.

    Read the terms and subscription conditions for our gas boiler service here

    Repair of gas boiler

    With a service agreement and permanent maintenance of your gas boiler, you also help to extend the life of your gas boiler and more easily avoid any repairs.

    Should the accident still be out and your gas boiler break down, we are happy to come out and look at your gas boiler, either as part of your regular service agreement or as a stand-alone inspection.

    If you want further information about our gas boiler service or individual inspections, please contact us on 47 17 92 28, or by writing to us in the contact form at the bottom of the page.

    Do you need to replace your gas boiler?

    Are you in need of replacing your old gas boiler with a new, more environmentally friendly natural gas boiler?

    Or do you want to read or hear more about the other alternative heating options available on the market?

    At Sternberg, we specialize in renewable and alternative energy, and we can guide and advise you through the jungle of various heating options.

    Maybe a natural gas boiler is ideal for your home, or it could be that a heat pump is more suitable for your heating needs?

    It could also be that you are thinking about generating geothermal energy or want to hear more about the possibilities within solar energy?

    Read more about installing a new gas boiler here.

    Read more about the possibilities within alternative energy here.

    You can also always contact us on 47 17 92 28 or by writing to us through the contact form at the bottom of the page.

    Good advice for taking care of your gas boiler

    • Avoid clogging the supply of air on your gas boiler by keeping the boiler free of dirt and grime and by cleaning it regularly.
    • Keep an eye on the water pressure of your gas boiler and make sure to fill the boiler with water if necessary.
    • Pay attention to moisture in the room where the gas boiler is located, as moisture may be due to the flue to the gas boiler not working correctly.
    • Also, pay attention to sounds from the gas boiler that do not sound as they should or do not.
    • Keep track of your gas consumption by reading your gas meter. If your gas consumption increases without using more heat, it can mean that something is wrong with the boiler.

    Tips for heat management in your home

    • Turn off your gas heater when you are not using it and turn down the heat completely when you are away.
    • If necessary, consider a gas boiler with climate control and/or night setback, so that your boiler adapts to the climate and automatically lowers the heat at night.
    • Keep a fixed room temperature in the rooms you are in a lot and a lower temperature in the places you are not in all the time and then close off between the rooms.
    • Use all radiators in a room and set them to the same heating temperature instead of having a single radiator running at full pressure.
    • Remember to ventilate your radiators so that the heat can flow freely.

    If you want to hear more about purchase, installation, and service, or if you want a free and non-binding offer from one of our customer advisors, you can contact us on 47 17 92 28 or by sending us a message through the contact formula below

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