Energy Optimization

Energy optimization of your house and home

Many homes, especially older homes, can benefit from energy optimization, and there will often be considerable energy and financial savings. In the meantime, you are doing something good for the environment.

Energy optimization is essential today, and it is becoming increasingly more critical, both for companies and in private homes.

We are happy to take a non-binding look at your existing and future energy solutions, whether you are private housing or business. 

At Sternberg, we specialize in energy optimization.

We guide and perform energy optimizations within electricity, but we also have experts within alternative energy and heating solutions such as heat pumps, geothermal heating, and solar cells.

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What is energy optimization?

Energy optimization is generally about cost-efficiency saving your home’s energy consumption and thus save both the environment and money.

Many people believe that energy optimizations are extensive and expensive investments, but they do not have to be.

The little things can make a difference, and one must see energy optimization of one’s home as an effort that will pay for itself in the long run.

As an energy advisor and authorized electrician, we have the competencies to advise you on how to save money on your electricity bill. For people that have electric heating, energy optimization is e.g., an ideal option.
We guide both companies and private customers in energy optimization and carry out both big and small projects , in the electricity field within energy optimization.

Read more about energy optimization on our page on alternative energy.

Sternberg as your energy advisor

Energy optimization differs from home to home, and you can, therefore, benefit greatly from talking to one of our energy advisers about how we can optimize the energy of your home in the most appropriate way.

At Sternberg, we offer advice and guidance of the energy optimization of your home. Here we provide fresh eyes on the measures you can take to get your house down in energy consumption.

We look at whether your lighting is optimal and whether you e.g., could benefit from replacing your old spots with some new LED spots.

We can also install Lux sensors, which regulate the brightness of the home in regards to the outside. Dimmers save energy and extend the life of your LED bulb.

Maybe the optimal solution for you is to be able to control your lighting electronically via an app. You can hear more about all this and much more, at an energy meeting with us.

We recommend that we, in connection with an energy optimization meeting, also discuss what other solutions are best for your home.

As part of the energy optimization report you receive, we also review the energy labeling of your appliances, as this can have a significant impact on your overall energy consumption.

We want to help you. Therefore, you can contact us for a non-binding meeting about the solutions we can offer you.

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Remember to apply for your energy supplement.

Did you know that you can apply for an energy supplement, even through minor energy optimizations at home?

You can receive a subsidy from the state’s energy pool for energy optimization in your home as part of the state’s goal to reduce CO2 emissions in Denmark.

You can get a subsidy for your energy optimizations for as little as replacing a simple incandescent bulb with an LED bulb or fitting a power-saving rail to a PC and TV.

The only prerequisite for receiving an energy subsidy is that you apply for the grant BEFORE you carry out the energy optimization.

Read more about how to apply for energy supplements or contact us to hear more.

LED-lighting – an energy-saving solution

Turning off the lights after you, helps save energy, but you can also do other things. By replacing your incandescent bulbs with an energy-saving bulb, you can save a lot of energy.

With LED lighting, you save on your electricity bill immediately. LED light is available in countless designs, so you do not have to compromise on your beautiful lamps.

An LED bulb uses 4-5 times less power than a halogen bulb, and the lifespan is significantly longer.

The lighting we use is of the highest quality and, therefore, also provides a pleasant and enjoyable light. LED lights have a longer lifespan than conventional light sources and light up at full brightness instantly.

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Energy optimization for business customers

At Sternberg, we also guide and perform energy optimizations for businesses.

Energy optimization is something a company, would like to vouch for today, mainly due to the focus on reducing CO2 emission, especially within companies.

Energy optimization includes everything that absorbs energy from the supply network, such as lighting, heating, and electrical equipment. LED light may be especially relevant to you as a business owner.

Significant energy savings can be achieved on energy optimization and energy efficiency in the above areas.

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