Gas and water master

HMN-certified and water master

We at Sternberg VVS- & Gasteknik are certified gas masters and have, for several years, specialized in the replacement, monitoring, and installation of gas boilers and natural gas boilers.

This has resulted in us having a department that exclusively deals with this part of the plumbing profession.

To become a gas master and perform gas installations, one must be experienced and an authorized plumber.

We have built a strong team of experts in the field of gas installation and gas boiler service, and our professionals are constantly at the forefront of the latest knowledge in the industry.

We know the technology and legislation within the field and ensure that our gas installations and service work are completed correctly and of the highest quality.

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Sternberg VVS- & Gasteknik is your gasman, gas master and gas fitter

As a gas master and gas fitter, we perform the following tasks, amongst others:

At Sternberg VVS- & Gasteknik, a certified gas master goes hand in hand with a guarantee. So, when choosing a certified gas master to perform your task, you are assured:

  • Monitoring following legal and safety requirements
  • Transparent offers and time adhering service
  • Thorough instruction concerning the gas installation

As gas masters, we are affiliated with the Board of Appeal and the guarantee scheme.

Switch from oil to natural gas

Natural gas is good for the environment and your wallet

A natural gas boiler is an investment that pays for itself from day 1. A change from an oil boiler or electric heating to natural gas is an environmentally friendly and optimal way to heat your home, and there are significant financial savings to be made on the heating bill with a natural gas boiler.

Another clear advantage is that you do not have to fill up your guy or refuel as you never run out of natural gas. The filling takes place entirely automatically through connection to the Danish natural gas network.

A third advantage is that a natural gas boiler takes up significantly less space than an ordinary boiler and can be better stored away.

You can also combine natural gas with other forms of energy, such as a heat pump. There are several different forms of renewable energy, and of course, we also have experts in them.

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What is natural gas?

Natural gas has become more and more widespread as an energy source. The natural gas comes from the Danish subsoil and is discharged from gas fields in the North Sea.

Natural gas emits less CO2 than other types of fossil fuels such as oil. A natural gas boiler is, therefore, a more environmentally friendly gas boiler than an oil boiler, and by switching. You can make an effort to reduce the total CO2 emissions, plus there is money to be saved on the heating bill.

What does natural gas cost?

There are several gas companies on the market, and there is a free market where the various natural gas suppliers vary in price and service. So it is up to you to find the gas company where price and service suit you.

In more cases, natural gas will give up to a halving of the heating bill than with an oil boiler or electric heating.

Can everyone get natural gas?

Virtually all homes can get natural gas; it just requires that gas pipes have been laid out in the area where you live.

If you live in a place without the possibility of natural gas, then there are several other green and economical heating solutions, such as a heat pump or a geothermal heating system.

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