Bosch Heat Pump

Bosch heat pump – An environmental solution

There are many benefits of changing your current heating solution to a heat pump.

A heat pump is an economically manageable investment in which you can expect a lower heating bill. You will often be able to reduce your heating expenses by half when you choose a heat pump since this can convert geothermal and air energy into heat.

A heat pump is thus cheaper to operate in comparison to e.g., oil and gas since you only have to pay for the heat pump’s electricity use which converts green energy to heat.

Apart from being economically beneficial, heat pumps are an environmentally friendly solution, which supports the green conversion. You will help reduce the discharge of pollution by getting a heat pump as your new heating solution.

We at Sternberg VVS & Gasteknik A/S, are experts in installing and monitoring heating pumps. One of our recommendations is the Bosch geothermal-plant and air to water heat pumps.

Bosch air to water heat pump

A Bosch air to water heat pump consists of two parts, one part inside and one outside.

The outside part must be placed on the outside of the building, where it will absorb heat. The inside part is often placed in a utility room or something similar. Thus it circulates the heat around in the radiators.

It is possible to choose a built-in hot water tank for the part placed inside.

Did you know that heat pumps can take advantage of the heat in the air, all the way to minus 20 degrees celsius?

You do not have to worry about the heat, should the weather get under 20 degrees. The el-body will turn on and secure that there is still heat and warm water.

It will give you and your family peace of mind; you won’t have to worry about the heating solution turning off when it is cold outside.



Examples of Bosch air to water heat pumps

At Sternberg VVS & Gasteknik A/S, we always have a non-binding conversation about the different heating solutions so we can find the right solution befitting your needs together. 

Below are two examples of Bosch’s air to water heat pumps, which we recommend. Naturally, we also offer other solutions if they are better suited to your needs. 

Compress 7000i AWM (indoor unit) + AW (outdoor unit)

The Compress 7000i AWM and AW are part of the Bosch Smart Design, which combines design and functionality. Therefore, the model is the right choice for someone who wants an efficient and stylish heating solution.

Compress 7000i AWM is available in both black and white so that you can adapt it to exactly your decor. In addition to the model’s stylish design, it is also easy to operate. It has an innovative touch control on the front, which provides an overview of the heating settings, to change them quickly.

Compress 7000i AWM is both a good solution for you and the environment. The model emits no harmful substances, as it uses the air’s thermal properties to heat your home; it minimizes your heating bill and provides maximum comfort.

The model is one of Bosch’s most energy-efficient heating solutions, with a high SCOP-value of up to 5.1. It provides maximum comfort, a smaller heating bill, and at the same time uses the thermal properties of the air to heat your home. The Danish Technological Institute has also tested the high efficiency.

If you have any questions, you can always call us on47 17 92 28; we are ready to help you. You can also contact us through the contact formula at the bottom of the page.

You can obtain more information and brochures about the Compress 7000i AWM and AW by contacting us here.


Compress 3000 AWS (indoor unit) + AW (outdoor unit)

The heat pump modulates due to Bosch inventory technology, which gives you an efficient and flexible heat pump that adapts to your heating needs. Compress 3000 AWS has been tested to a SCOP value of 3.75, which is your guarantee for an efficient heating solution when it is minus degrees outside. The efficiency of the model also makes it an economically good choice as you avoid using unnecessary heat.

It is also possible to use hybrid mode on the heat pump; the intelligent control will always choose the most economical heating for you.

Compress 3000 AWS is also a good solution for you and the environment. Like the 7000i, the model has no emission of harmful substances.

There are several different options with the Compress 3000 AWS. You can both get a floor-standing solution with a hot water tank, and you can get a wall-mounted solution without a hot water tank.

In addition, you can get both solutions in a solar heating variant. The heat pump can also be set up both as a heat pump system or as a hybrid system, where it can cooperate with the system you already have.

You can obtain more information and brochures about Compress 3000 AWS and AW by contacting us here.

If you have any questions, you can always call us on 47 17 92 28;  we are ready to help you. You can also contact us through the contact formula at the bottom of the page.

Get instructions on Bosch heat pumps

At Sternberg VVS & Gasteknik A/S, we have a great deal of knowledge and expert experience with Bosch and heat pumps, as we have worked with them for many years.

It is not always as easy as a homeowner to figure out which heating solution is best for you. That is why we offer professional advice before you decide – and that is whether it is a Bosch heat pump or another brand you want.

We sell, install and service heat pumps in most of Zealand.


We offer a free and non-binding visit from our customer advisor 

Do you need guidance on which heat pump to choose?

You can always get a free and non-binding visit from one of our customer advisors at Sternberg VVS & Gasteknik A / S. We can talk about the benefits of choosing a Bosch heat pump we can help find a completely different and better suiting solution for you.

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We can also help you with financing your Bosch heat pump – you can read more about the financing options here.








Good advice to avoid problems and mistakes with your Bosch heat pump

You can secure that your Bosch heat pump functions optimally by ensuring that it is serviced periodically. That way, you will keep the cost of maintenance and any repairs to a minimum.

We here at Sternberg VVS & Gasteknik A/S offer periodic maintenance and reparation of your Bosch heat pump. This can help you extend the heat pump’s life, optimize your operating economy, and help you avoid the errors and problems that may occur.


We also have experience with providing service on several other brands and models. So if you have another heat pump other than Bosch, we can still help with doing service on it.


Do you want to hear more about purchasing and servicing? Or do you want a free and non-binding offer from one of our customer advisors, then call us on 47 17 92 28 or send us a message through the contact formula below.

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