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New Bosch gas boiler- a saving solution

Are you going to replace your heating solution? At Sternberg VVS & Gasteknik A/S, we can recommend a Bosch gas boiler, which is one of our preferred suppliers.

A Bosch gas boiler is a condensing gas boiler, meaning that it is energy-efficient, and thus, it is also cheaper to operate.

For you, this means you get a lower heating bill.
Therefore, it is good to think long-term when investing in a new gas boiler

It is, therefore, worthwhile to compare the efficiency of the different gas boilers. You can e.g., start by researching the energy label on the various gas boilers that you are considering.

In addition, it may be a good idea to look at the gas boiler’s savings potential, rather than comparing the purchase price, as a cheaper gas boiler quickly can become more expensive in the long run.

Bosch gas boilers are natural gas boilers and therefore consists of a boiler and a heating system. Natural gas, i.e., your gas boiler, burns with low emission and also has a high calorific value. Therefore, natural gas also pollutes less than, for example, coal and oil, even though it is also a fossil fuel.

Other benefits when choosing a Bosch gas boiler

If you choose a Bosch gas boiler, you will get an energy-saving boiler. The boiler utilizes the potential of the energy source by using the condensing gas technique and thus achieving a minimum loss.

Further, a Bosch gas boiler is an environmentally friendly solution, as the energy released during combustion is not only utilized but, at the same time, produces extra heat through condensation of the water vapor in the gas occurs.

Examples of Bosch gas boiler models

Bosch gas boilers are found in several different models. Sternberg VVS & Gasteknik A/S sell and install, among others, the Bosch models below

Condens 5000 W

With the best-selling wall-mounted gas boiler at Bosch, you get high efficiency, so that the gas is utilized optimally. The model is incredibly energy efficient. There is a built-in climate control so that the gas boiler runs optimally i.e., in terms of comfort and economy. You get a gas boiler that is quiet in operation, as the sound level is lower than a modern washing machine. In addition, the gas boiler has a user-friendly display, which makes it easy to operate. With the right accessories, it can even be controlled with a mobile device.

Read more about Bosch Condens 5000 W gas boiler here

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Condens 9000i WM

Here you get the market’s first designer gas boiler, winner of the Design Award 2016. It is a floor-standing gas boiler with an elegant, user-friendly, and streamlined design, which is available in both black and white. You get an energy-efficient gas boiler, which, with the help of climate/space control, adjusts the heating of your home to the temperature inside and outside, and thus provides comfortable heat in the home.

Read more about Bosch Condens 9000i WM gas boiler here.

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Condens 9000i W

With this model, you get a compact and stylish wall-mounted gas boiler, which like the above model, is the winner of the Design Awards 2016. Performance, finish, and design is on the same level as a floor-standing boiler, and it is available in both black and white. Although the gas boiler is not larger, the energy efficiency is still top-notch, and with the high heat utilization, you will not find a more compact solution than this one.

Read more about Bosch Condens 9000i W gas boiler here.

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Get guidance on your next Bosch gas boiler

Since we at Sternberg VVS & Gasteknik A/S have worked with gas installations for many years, we have gained a great deal of knowledge within the area. Among other things, we have specialized in Bosch gas boilers.

We have chosen this because Bosch meets the requirements we set for high quality, technological user-friendliness, besides Bosch is a brand that is at the very top in terms of energy.

There are many different solutions when it comes to having a new gas boiler. If you have difficulty finding the best solution for you, we at Sternberg VVS & Gasteknik A/S offer professional advice, even if you want a different brand for your gas boiler than Bosch.

We sell, install, and service all types of Bosch gas boilers in most of Zealand.

You can get a free non-binding visit from out customer advisor

Here we can discuss the benefits of choosing a Bosch gas boiler. It may also turn out that another solution is better for you, then we will help you find it.

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We can also help you finance your Bosch gas boiler– Read more about financing option here

How to avoid problems and errors with you Bosch gas boiler

We offer continuous service and repair of your Bosch gas boiler at Sternberg VVS & Gasteknik A/S. With the right continuous service, you can ensure that your gas boiler is always maintained and performs to the maximum.

Ongoing service helps you avoid mistakes or problems and, at the same time, extends the life of your gas boiler.

If you have a gas boiler other than Bosch, we are also happy to service this, as we have extensive experience with several other gas boilers.

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Do you want to hear more about purchasing, installation, or service of Bosch gas boiler, or do you simply wish a free offer by one of our customer advisers, then you can contact us on 47 17 92 28 or send us a message.