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New gas boiler- authorized gas installer

Do you want to change from oil heating to gas heating, or are you merely seeking to replace your old gas boiler? Then the right people to contact is an authorized gas master like Sternberg.

We are specialized within the gas installation area. We can inform you about, among other things, the implications of changing to natural gas while guiding you through the jungle of alternative heating options.

Through more than 40 years, we have installed gas boilers for a long line of customers, both private and business, and thus have sufficient knowledge and expertise to handle the project, regardless of whether you want to change to natural gas or change your old gas boiler to a new, more environment-friendly boiler.

With us, as an authorized and experienced gas installer, you are assured that the execution is done correctly and that the safety is top-notch. As we are certified gas masters, you are guaranteed a proper guarantee scheme.

As your service and energy partner, we not only take care of procuring and installing your new gas boiler. We can also advise you on getting you the perfect solution adapted to your home and heating needs.

We offer different solutions depending on your budget and needs. We only offer high-quality products and work with brands such as Vølund, Vaillant gas boiler, Metro Therm, and Bosch.

Get a non-binding offer to deliver and install a new gas boiler by calling 47 17 92 28 or by contacting us through the contact formula at the bottom of the page.

Replacement and installation of gas boilers

At Sternberg, we focus on providing a high service level when installing gas boilers.

Besides providing an excellent gas boiler installation, we strive to provide you with a safe feeling about the installation and the necessary guidance from the tender (offer) phase through to the completion of the work.

We will guide and advise you on the best heating solution for your home. We will in correlation with you, help you find the right heating solution whether you need a new natural gas boiler, an air to water heat pump, or maybe geothermal heating.

By appointment, we will deliver your new gas boiler if you wish we will also remove and dispose of your old existing heat source. We will monitor your new gas boiler and make the necessary installments to ensure that your gas boiler functions appropriately and is ready for use.

Afterwards, we will provide you with thorough instruction on your new gas boiler and will install it for optimal usage. Our work is not done before everything functions properly, and you are satisfied.

At Sternberg, we gladly provide general service and servicing of gas boilers, following relevant, legal requirements and recommendations on gas. You can sign a fixed service agreement, ensuring that you do not have to focus on when the next service of your gas installment is due.

Get a collective package when purchasing a new gas boiler

At Sternberg, you are ensured a proper guarantee with your purchase of a new gas boiler. As part of our fixed-price deal when purchasing a new gas boiler, you always get product guarantee on all materials delivered by us, in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty.

Your new gas boiler comes with many perks. Read more about your benefits on the subscription terms page.

You are ensured optimal security when you buy and invest in a new gas boiler with this gas service. 

Are you interested in hearing more about natural gas and the different energy solutions, or getting a free and non-binding offer on a new gas boiler? Then call us on 47 17 92 28 or send us a message through the contact formula below.

Switch to natural gas

Natural Gas is ideal for heating your residence. You can obtain significant savings on your heating bill if you change from electric heating or an oil burner. Besides, it is good for the environment.

Are you in need of switching from oil to gas, or are you getting a new gas boiler and need information and instructions? Then read more about natural gases on our page about Gas or contact us through the contact formula below.

Price on the installation of new gas boiler

Do you want a free cost estimate on what it will cost to deliver and install a new gas boiler? Then you can easily and quickly get an offer through our price calculator.

Try out the price calculator on new heat sources here and get a free and non-binding price estimate immediately.

Help financing a new gas boiler.

A new gas boiler or another heating source can be a major expense. At Sternberg VVS- & Gasteknik, we can help finance your new gas boiler:

Read more about our finance solutions here

Remember to apply for energy supplements.

You can both apply for energy supplements and apply for getting artisans deduction when you install a new, more eco-friendly gas boiler. You must apply for the supplement before you order and install your new gas boiler.

Read more about the possibilities for energy supplements here

Do you want to hear more about purchasing and servicing? Or do you want a free and non-binding offer from one of our customer advisors, then call us on 47 17 92 28 or send us a message through the contact formula below

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